18 Gifts For The Harry Potter Obsessed!


I’ve personally read all the Harry Potter books about three times, and I’m currently listening to the audiobooks while I work out each day. (It’s been a great motivator; it’s hard to get off the treadmill when there’s an intense round of Wizard’s Chess happening) I’ve been a fan from day one and I know there are other Potterheads like me who will love these fun and unique gifts!

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10 Adult Coloring Books to Help You Relax


You’ve no doubt seen and heard this enormous fad that is adult coloring — it’s everywhere. It turns out, there’s tons of research supporting the mental health benefits behind it. I have to say, as someone who has worked with children for almost ten years, and an avid colorer, I can attest to the relaxation that comes from it!

Dana Dovey writes in Medical Daily “Research shows this form of therapy often has tangible results. One 2006 study, for example, found that mindfulness art therapy for women with cancer helped to significantly decrease symptoms of physical and emotional distress during treatment. Another study from the same year concluded that after only one hour of art therapy, adult cancer patients of all ages “overwhelmingly expressed comfort” and a desire to continue with the therapy.” (read the full article here)

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The Easiest Side Hustle: How I Paid Off Two Credit Cards Last Month

The Easiest Side Hustle Ever_ I Made $300 Last Month in Truly Passive Income

I am always SO skeptical when people offer “side hustles” because I have found that a lot of times it ends up being a lot of work for very little pay or the opportunity just doesn’t pan out in general and I’ve gotten my hopes up for nothing. credit-card-2761073_1280

I have tried surveys for hours, reselling gently used items online, and countless other little side jobs that never worked out for me. Until I started this blog, I was spiraling into side hustle hell where I was so desperate to try anything but was constantly disappointed. This blog has helped me branch out a lot, and while I haven’t made a profit from this blog in particular yet, I’m hoping it’ll get there eventually!

However, I did finally find one side hustle that has actually been successful to me. Last month, I made $350 and was able to pay off two of my smaller credit card balances completely! It’s only the 7th of the month as I’m writing this, and I’ve already got $45 waiting to be paid out at the end of this month as well. HOW??

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12 Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

Make a Truly Passive Income While Driving Your Car _ How I Made $300 Last Month.png

I am currently six months pregnant, and I have been missing a lot of things the last half-year, but I have to say, one of the things I miss the most is my wine. I was a one or two glasses three nights a week, kind of wine-o and it’s been a very long 25 weeks without it.

I am also a huge fan of a bottle of wine as a gift – it’s an easy gift and many people can appreciate a nice glass of vino! But what do you give to someone who is really a wine lover, someone who doesn’t just pick up the cheapest bottle(not that I didn’t do that — ha!) or the one that’s on sale that week?

Peruse these gift ideas and see if they inspire a gift to pair with that bottle they love! If you’re looking for something for someone who loves wine and beer, check out my other list for beer lovers!

1. This adorable wine stopper from Dillard’s just in time for the holidays! – $10


2. If it’s the holiday season, try this punny holiday wine glass from Nordstrom – $12


3. The perfect coffee table read from Barneys New York – $13


Written by one of the world’s most respected wine critics, this book teaches would-be experts all that there is to know about wine. Jancis Robinson shares her extensive knowledge in a way that is informative, witty, and approachable. By Jancis Robinson.

4. This kitty cat bottle opener that makes the perfect rose gold accessory to any bar! From Kohl’s – $13


5. This t-shirt from Zulily you can wear year round, really… – $16


6. These cute socks from Shoptiques for when you need to put your feet up at the end of a long day – $13


7. This handy kit from Kohl’s that has everything you could possibly need! – [BARGAIN] for only $9.99!


8. A Hydroflask wine glass from Nordstrom that’s perfect for camping or tailgating – $29.95


9. Or this simple and classy glass with a pop of gold from Cost Plus World Market – Get the full set of 4 for $19.16!


10. If you have a funny friend who loves wine, try this Fred Coq Au Vin rubber chicken wine stopper that’ll turn some heads at a party! From Sur la Table – $10


11. This baseball tee from Charming Charlie that describes my perfect weekend – $19


12. Or these cute little Lauren Conrad birds from Kohl’s so no one forgets which glass is theirs! – $10.40


You can’t go wrong with any of these options for the wine lover in your life! Treat them or treat yourself!

*Full Disclosure: a few of these items may link to affiliates, which means if you love them as much as I do, I could earn a small commission should you choose to purchase the product*

Thank you for reading, and as always, try to spread some happiness today!


20 Floral Dresses to Swoon Over!


I have been experimenting with some pattern mixing recently and have noticed that floral is my absolute favorite print in my closet. I have floral shirts, leggings, scarves, everything! But sometimes I need a solo piece, just one bangin’ little dress to wear to a party or to flaunt in the summertime!

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13 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

13 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers.png

Every year, I find myself stumped on what to get a few of the people on my Christmas list. Or sometimes a good friends birthday will sneak up on me again and I’m completely unprepared… But I’ve figure out that there are a few gifts that you can never go wrong with — someone’s favorite drink to enjoy or the opportunity to do something they love!

With that in mind, sometimes a six pack or a bottle of wine just doesn’t seem enough for the people who mean the most to you, so here are some ideas of some fun and quirky gifts you can pair with that six pack of their favorite foamy brew!

If you have a friend that loves beer AND wine, check out our other gift list for wine lovers!

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9 Reasons You Won’t Make $400+/Month Taking Surveys Online

This post may leave a sour taste in your mouth, and if it does, I am genuinely sorry. (I am clearly not an affiliate for any survey company.) While I generally prefer to post positive articles about motivating people to succeed, I just can’t stand to let another person feel defeated and disappointed by a lack of success due to a system that wasn’t designed to let you win. However, in my truer spirit, I will help you set some realistic goals after my rant. I will tell you how to make these sites work for you! 

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17 Christmas Sweaters (Ugly or Not) That’ll Get You in the Holiday Spirit


17 Christmas Sweaters (Ugly or Not) That'll Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

You know those people who put their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving? The ones that get more joy out of giving the perfect instead of receiving them? The ones that know every word to EVERY Christmas song and carol? The ones that know every line of the movie Elf? I am one of those people. And I am not one bit ashamed.

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Pattern Mixing for Beginners | 4 Styles You Need to Try!

Pattern Mixing for Beginners

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it is always evolving and changing. New styles are designed and released everyday and your closet probably goes through a wild variety of changes as the years pass. (Which is great if you’re slightly addicted to shopping like I am!)

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12 New Nikes You Probably Need! (And Definitely Want)


12 New Nikes You Probably Need (and Definitely Want!)

Nike has long been a favorite in the athletic market – I’m personally guilty of looking for any excuse to buy something from their ever-evolving collection. I have a pair of Nikes in every color, at least ten pairs of yoga pants and leggings, and enough t-shirts and tank tops to sink a ship.

Here you’ll find my favorites from this season (or bargains from the last) that will look so good in your closet. Whether your old pair is wearing a little thin or you’re just looking for a pair to match that new gym outfit, #treatyoself and peruse these new beauties!

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