10 Doggie Instagrams to Make Your Day (Every Day)

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I like Instagram. I like it because it doesn’t show me what other people have “liked” or “commented on”. In my experience, I actually don’t share that many interests with a lot of people I know (on Facebook, for example). Instagram gives me an entire feed of things that make me happy. And there are no baited articles for me click on and get sucked into a political wormhole.

Now, even if you’re a cat person, you have to admit that a good picture of a sweet dog can give you at least a little grin, am I right? For me, these pages I’m about to share have given such a wide range of happy emotions from literal squealing to tears of pure joy. Instead of seeing another picture of a politicians face, I get to see these sweet furry guys and gals, and let me tell you, that’s how I’d rather spend my precious scrolling time.



1. @dogsofinstagram

With almost 4 million followers, I’m sure a lot of you have heard of this page already. Especially if you’re an intense dog lover like myself. But here’s what’s really cool about this page. These sweet pups are usually user submitted! This is a cool feature because if you see a particular fur friend that you just have to see more of, the person who posted the original photo can be found in the caption of the @dogsofinstagram picture and you can follow that dog yourself! Additionally, these amazing people pair with a shelter that features dogs looking for forever homes! If you thought the pictures made you happy, wait until you have that little guy in your arms for real!

Follow them here: @dogsofinstagram


2. @dosgontap

This page might be a bit of a niche but if you like dogs AND beer, specifically craft beer, like I do, this is the page for you! These are pictures of dogs next to pictures of equally attractive beers! Similar to DogsofInstagram, most posts are user submitted, which I love. You can find the owner and probably more pictures of your favorite dog! As a bonus, you might find a new favorite beer!

Follow them here: @dogsontap


3. @corgiplanet

Remember how I said some of these pages made me squeal? This is it. This is the one that I just can’t handle. My own fur-baby is half Corgi and I have always loved this regal breed. This page in particular is usually babies! In addition to pictures you can freak out about, they also post some cool Corgi products if you REALLY love these little babes.

Like this must-have little coffee mug!:

Follow them here: @corgiplanet


4. @garththegolden

Another fan favorite breed, this sweet Golden Retriever makes for a great profile binge. There are 887 posts, and yes, I have shamelessly looked at every single one. Evidently, he’s named after Garth Brooks, so if you’re a country music fan, this is a double whammy of glee. Plus, sometimes there’s videos you can watch over and over on a slow-moving Monday morning.

Follow him here: @garththegolden


5. @puppiesofinstagram

More squealing. COME ON. Look at their faces! I’m unsure if this page is run by the same people, kind of a sister-page, to DogsofInstagram, but when you have them both on your feed, your day cannot possibly go wrong. Try this fun trick: while you’re sitting in that meeting, pretend to take notes, but really, scroll through 761 posts of adorable puppies. Your boss will think you’re really interested in whatever they’re saying!

Follow them here: @puppiesofinstagram


6. @puppysketch


If you still don’t have enough puppy overload on your feed, also try @puppysketch. They are, of course, similar in nature to @puppiesofinstagram, but with different puppies! I mean, “the more the merrier” definitely applies here. There is no such thing as too many puppy pictures. Pro tip: fill your lunch break with smiles instead of making to-do lists for the rest of the day.

Follow them here: @puppysketch


7. @daily_frenchie

French Bulldogs are another of my favorite breeds, but in my experience, not everyone loves them. If you’re one of the smarter people who thinks these little piggies are fantastic, you NEED to follow this page. And if you’re really like me, and you know you probably can’t afford one of these prestigious pups, then you have to get your fix and live vicariously through other lucky dog owners! If you’re not a fan of the smooshy faces, feel free to skip this one!

Follow them here: @daily_frenchie


8. @beachyogadog

I came across this guy, Phineas, and his sister, Sweet Pea, by accident, really. I am an avid Yogi, much like his owner, and I follow her yoga page on Instagram (@beachyogagirl). Phineas has a pretty permanent feature in her Yoga videos, usually sleeping or getting in the way. Adorably, of course. I can only assume people watched the yoga videos and loved Phineas so much that a page had to be made just for him! Another niche, perhaps, but if you like Yoga & dogs, Phineas is for you!

Follow him here: @beachyogadog


9. @the_real_zappa

Alright. Okay. THIS GUY. Let me tell you a story: A few months ago, I discovered this funny little fellow on my instagram feed, and for reasons particular to that day, I started crying immediately. I can’t even explain the joy this little face gives me, and I’m not really sure why. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but please tell me there are people like me out there that just can’t get enough of this guy! You can read more about him in their bio, but his name is Zappa and he brings me joy. And that is that.

Since writing this post, I have since learned that sweet Zappa has passed away. I cried just as hard as the first time I found out he existed. The page is still active and shares many sweet memories.

PLEASE follow him here: @the_real_zappa


10. @projectunconditional

Cue the water works. AGAIN. This page is made by an incredible photographer, Jane Sobel Klonsky, who captures the relationship between people and their senior/elderly dogs. As you can see from the example given, each picture comes with a passionate story about the dog pictured. This one, I DON’T recommend reading at work. Unless crying at work is a necessary or normal thing….maybe actors can look at this page before a particularly tearful scene…at any rate, this page is my daily reminder of gratitude. As my own dog gets older, I’m reminded of how truly lucky we are to have dogs. This page has less than 3,000 followers. I’m hoping we can change that!

Follow them here: @projectunconditional


My hope is that you find some happiness in these pictures in the same way that I do, regularly. Please feel free to comment with other pages of puppers that you love! And, of course, share these ones with fellow lovers of canines!

As always, thank you for reading, and try to spread some happiness today!


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