11 Must-Haves for Your Mountain or Woodland Nursery

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.28.57 PM

My husband and I are expecting our first child this coming March 2018. We decided on a mountain/forrest theme before we even knew whether we were having a boy or girl. But now that we know what we are having, we have elected to keep it a secret from everyone else. So no one will know what little one is until he/she graces us with their presence in a few short months!

We live in Colorado where we are blessed with a beautiful mountain landscape anytime we look West and are fortunate enough to live only about a 45 minutes drive from the foothills. We both enjoy the outdoors so much and are hoping to raise our little with as much time in the wilderness as we can!

With that in mind, we also didn’t want a typical blue or pink nursery. We didn’t want any frilly pink decor or sports themes. I personally wasn’t a big fan of the nautical theme, but I wanted an actual theme and not just an array of simple colors. (We were originally just going to go with whites/grays).

So the items listed below are ones that we have either already purchased, plan on purchasing, put on our registry, or seriously considered buying!

Cloud Island Crib Mobile from Target ($29.99)

51892419.jpegI am Target-obsessed. I always have been. So naturally as soon as we found out we were pregnant, I skipped into Target and went straight for the baby section. I had picked the theme for the nursery before I knew Target had such a great collection of mountain-themed baby gear! Coincidentally, we are also getting our crib, dresser, and many other cute decor from Target. If you’re looking for ideas for a theme for your own nursery and are not set on mountains/wilderness yet, check out the entire Cloud Island collection from Target (here) and prepare to fall in love.

[[We also bought the matching crib sheet for only $9.99! — here!]]

You can probably run over to target right now and pick up this mobile, but make sure you check they have it first! Otherwise, you can order it (and maybe ship to your closest store) HERE for $29.99!

Lulujo “Move Mountains” Swaddle & Milestone Backdrop ($19.99)


I’m REALLY excited about this one!

This has a dual purpose — the blanket is a super soft little muslin swaddle blanket AND the blanket comes with various signs depicting age of baby so you can show their growth!

They have 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and so on! So you can use the same adorable backdrop to show off and document baby’s growth!

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.55.57 AM

121411960295699p__1.jpegIt does have quite a bit of blue to it (no hints intended to our own baby’s gender, hehe), and I don’t think it comes in any other colors, so if you’re hoping to have a more girly theme to your own milestone pictures, this might not work for you, but if you don’t mind your little girl sporting some cute blue and yellow, this is perfect! Baby girl would look just as cute with a pink bow on this backdrop, I’m sure!

You can find this gem at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for only $19.99! Get it HERE

Mountain Scene Peel & Stick Wallpaper ($58/sheet)


We live in an apartment, so the idea of an easy decoration, like peel & stick wallpaper, was really appealing to us. We wanted an accent wall to put the crib up against, like the layout in this picture. It’s a little pricy at $58/sheet considering we would probably need almost 5 sheets to cover our own wall, but we didn’t like the idea of putting all the effort in to paint something like this just to paint it back in 1-2 years when we move out.

*Bonus! It also comes in other colors! il_570xN.1262041453_g4sk

If you own your home, this backdrop is timeless and can stay in the room long past baby years and could be well worth painting yourself! Or if you or someone you know is a terrific painter/artist and this seems easy to you, painting this scene or something similar would probably be much cheaper!

But, if you’re like me, and you’re not very artistic AND maybe a little lazy (third trimester struggles), you can just buy the damn wallpaper — You can find it on Esty HERE 

Snow Peak Mountain Wooden Wall Shelf Decoration ($20)

If you’re looking for wall decor, here is one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest when I started looking for nursery ideas.

il_570xN.1072207112_exo1I’m a fan of the simple, minimalist style when it comes to decorating, I’m not trying to fill the walls with loud decorations (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

These shelves are so simple but so cute. You can either put some cute little knick knacks on them, or you could honestly just leave them empty and use as is!

Also, as an added bonus to you beautiful people, when I first looked at these on Etsy, I found these exact shelves pictured but they were $90! But I found almost the exact same thing, pictured below, for $20 instead! So…you’re welcome for the $70 discount! (haha!) il_570xN.1232170854_6834

Get the originals here or the significantly cheaper ones here!

Mountain Escape Throw Pillow from Target ($17.99)


I know, I know, more from Target?? But come on, how cute would this look on the recliner in the corner of the nursery? Plus, I’m really just a big fan of nice throw pillows.

Get it here!

Adventure is Out There! Children’s Art Print ($25)


I like this one because it comes in two different color themes! If you’re looking for a little pop of pink for baby girl, here it is! This one has a bit more of a modern style to it as well.

Find them both here!

Bear Adventure Rustic Wood Wall Decor ($40)

il_570xN.1195296718_3fapAlright, last wall piece, I promise! But I ordered this one as it was “recommended” to me when I was looking at the wallpaper on Etsy.

This piece fits better with the classic modern theme instead of the more modern and colorful feel of the Adventure Awaits piece, so really, I just wanted to include one piece from each style!

You can find this on Etsy for $40 here but I’m sure if you’re crafty enough, you might be able to make this one yourself as well!

Campsite Night Light ($60)

campsite-nightlight.jpg     campsite-nightlight (1)

How cute is this?? When you wanna sneak into baby’s room for a feeding or diaper change but you don’t wanna blind yourself or sweet baby in the middle of the night, what’s better than a nice dull glow? Get it here!

If you’re looking for other night lights, we also got a little plug-in one from Target (go figure) for only $9.99 — here!78fc4156559684c63adb40e32657d81e_best

Personalized Monthly Memory Blanket ($40)

il_570xN.1228232491_p5ceSTOP. I stumbled upon this gem on Etsy earlier this week and I. AM. OBSESSED.

Mountain theme? Check. Personalized? Check. Absolutely, stunningly adorable? Check.

And, honestly, at only $40, I’m counting this as a real bargain. Get it here!

PLUS, if you really like the plaid blanket with it, I found that for you too! (But you can find it yourself, I’m sure, with a quick Google search) I found it for $12 here!

DIY Mountain Dresser


This beauty is from the amazing designers over at Originally Worn. The reason I put DIY here is because there was apparently only one piece made to look like this, and of course, it’s already sold.

BUT, I think you could easily find yourself a nice cheap dresser and create something like this yourself with some paint and stenciling!

Tree Floor Lamp ($140)

a8c09b2a-5e76-4ac0-ba88-838d9fcf953d_1.e0c3059957b38b699795bb3826612c25This one is another splurge item, for sure, at $140, but I LOVE the idea of having a floor lamp that goes with the theme. I found this particular one at Walmart of all places, but I’m sure with some digging, you might be able to find something similar for a bit cheaper!

I found the inspiration for this piece in a Pinterest picture that unfortunately didn’t lead me to where the exact lamp came from, but this piece works perfect for us.


If you want to do some digging around yourself, here’s the piece I was actually looking for, but couldn’t figure out where it came from!

You can get the Walmart one here!

Other Inspirations

I found most of my inspiration on Pinterest, as you do. So, I’ll include a couple of the pictures I used to mash up different pieces and make a style that worked for us! I am thrilled to finally have the theme coming together and looking almost ready to go for our little bundle.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.24.45 PM.png

I hope you liked these items as much as I did myself, and if you were looking for some help deciding your own theme, I hope this was a success!

*Full Disclosure: a couple of the items included in this list are affiliate links that will make me a very small profit should you love it as much as I did and choose to purchase it yourself!

Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoyed this article, please Pin it, Facebook it, or pass it on to your friends. And, as always, try to spread some happiness today!



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