27 Tweets You’ll Understand If You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I am currently 24 weeks along with my first child, and while I have been incredibly blessed to not suffer from ANY morning sickness, I can relate to almost every other symptom under the sun! 
Just remember, there is always someone out there that relates and a few months from now, you’ll look back and laugh at what you thought was “hard” when you’re up at 3am with a screaming baby! 
Enjoy these relatable posts from women who have been or are still in your shoes!

When the sickness hits 🙊😷


When the cravings kick in 🍕🍔🍪🍩


When you just wanna sleep 😩😭😴


When you CAN’T STOP PEEING 💧🏃🚻🚽


And when generally everything in life becomes a struggle… 🙅😰


Did you relate to every single one? I know I did or will! 
Thank you for reading, and as always, try to spread some happiness today!



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