9 Moonstone Accessories for Any Outift

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 7.50.59 PM

I have a newfound love for moonstones. I have never been much of a spiritual person, but I have been doing a bit more research and have been hoping to get in touch with my spiritual side. A few months ago, I received a gorgeous moonstone bracelet from a friend, and it came with a little note explaining the healing powers of the stone.

If you google “moonstone meaning” you are bombarded with a million meanings for the powerful little stone, which was overwhelming to me at first, until I realized, this stone can affect each person so differently.

So whether you’re looking to be inspired, spiritually awakened, boost your creativity, or find a little zen in your day — one of these pieces is bound to fit perfectly with your wardrobe. Alternatively, all of these pieces would make GREAT gifts!

BONUS: Every piece of jewelry on the list is under $25!

Vintage Earrings – $18

Get them here: Vintage Moonstone Earrings


Simple Stud Earrings – $9

Get them here: Moonstone Stud Earrings


Simple Solitaire Necklace – $20

Get it here: Moonstone Solitaire Necklace


Wire Wrapped Green Moon Necklace – $22

Get it here: Green Moonstone Necklace


Copper Necklace – $10

Get it here: Copper Necklace


Deep Purple Stretch Bracelet – $20

Get it here: Deep Purple


Leather Wrap Bracelet – $14

Get it here: Leather Wrap


Brass Gypsy Ring – $13

Get it here: Brass Ring


Gold Solitaire Stone Ring – $12

Get it here: Solitaire Ring


As always, thank you for reading, and try to spread some happiness today!


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