29 Gifts for the Elephant Lover in Your Life

29 Gifts for the Elephant Lover in Your Life

Elephants have become a favorite animal of many, and I have to admit, I do find them pretty magnificent. Lately, elephants have also become part of a trend of animal decor and accessorizing.

We all know someone who loves elephants, whether it’s your bestie, your wife or your mom, and these gifts are sure to win at Christmas, birthdays, or just-because!

(Or, I mean…you could just be looking for a gift for yourself! And that’s fine too!)

There are 29 options here from almost every category from things you can wear to things you can use around the house! Dive in and comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!

1. A quick and easy gift that everyone can use – a pair of socks with their favorite animal on


At only $1.90, these socks would make a great stocking stuffer! Heck, get them for ALL your elephant lover friends at this rate!

Get them from Forever 21 here.

2. A silver, origami style necklace that’s simple but eye-catching


Get it for $20 here.

3. Another wardrobe staple with a more classic design


Get it for $19.99 here

4. If you prefer gold over silver, Lauren Conrad has another great option for a necklace and at a bargain too!


Get it for only $9.80 here

5. Or go with the bracelet option and style up their wrist with this more colorful piece


A personal fave of mine, get this bracelet for $9 here!

6. For the girly friend, a pop of pink!



Get this pink watch for $13.99 here

7. For a more simple timepiece, go with the brown leather option!


Get it for $13.99 here

8. Or a more boho-chic design!


Get this beauty for $22.50 here!

9. For a more subtle accessory, try these little gold earrings


Get them here for $10.97

10. Or an artistic twist to adorn their ears!


Here for $19.99

11. OR a simple silver pair!


Here for $19.99

12. Mix & match colors and patterns with this bold scarf


This pink and purple piece is $25.99 here

13. Add some tassel for a steal!


Only $12.50 here!

14 (& 15). Help them stay warm this fall & winter with these knit pieces

9325fc62e363db588fac7febbdf73f9a_best       a4d60fd92e449c34cba002769219e38f_best

From Cost Plus World Market — Each only $24.99! Get the gloves here and the hat here!

You can never have enough mugs for coffee, cocoa, tea & more!

16. This gray molded beauty


Another Cost Plus World Market catch for $7.99

17. Or a pink, modern, no handle option


Only $16.00

18. A perfect container for your morning cup of joy!


Happiness only costs $7.99!

19. And a black and white simple pleasure


Another bargain gift at $7.99

20. For your vino friends, this hand-painted wine glass pairs well with their favorite bottle of red or white!








A boozy bargain at only $5.48 here!

21. And at such a low price, you can pair the wine glass with this adorable corkscrew from Madewell for $17.50 here!







22. Or an equally awesome bottle opener if you prefer beer over wine! Get it for $20 here!


23. This set of 3 Tumblers from Cost Plus World Market is on sale for $11.97!


24. If you’re looking for other home accessories, try these ceramic salt & pepper shakers from Kate Spade!



A designer must-have for $20.99!

25. Or a chopping board for culinary adventures!


From Deny Designs for $25!

And finally, some art & wall decor that anyone can feel proud putting in their home!

26. A purple watercolor piece with an abstract twist


Get the print for $19.99

27. A boho piece to add some color to the room


Something to brighten up any space for $28.79

28. A really stunning piece that can’t possibly be that affordable…!


Get the print for $29.99!

29. And finally, this modern-chic piece you might just want for yourself as well


My personal favorite here for $49!


There’s sure to be something here for anyone you’re shopping for…and I won’t tell if a few of these end up on your own wishlist!

**Full Disclosure: a few, but not all, of the items included in this list are affiliate links that I may make a small profit on.


Thank you for reading, and as always, try to spread some happiness today!


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