Pattern Mixing for Beginners | 4 Styles You Need to Try!

Pattern Mixing for Beginners

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it is always evolving and changing. New styles are designed and released everyday and your closet probably goes through a wild variety of changes as the years pass. (Which is great if you’re slightly addicted to shopping like I am!)

Pattern mixing has become a fairly recent trend in fashion, and while I was reluctant myself at first, I have to say, I am SO on board now! I’m mixing items from my closet I would’ve never thought of pairing before and getting plenty of compliments as well! I used to think pattern mixing looked messy and too loud for my own style, but I have found there are subtle ways to mix patterns as well bold mixes that I am surprised to find appealing!

Below you will find examples of my favorite kinds of pattern mixing and some styles that you might already have in your own closet! I’ve also added some tips on where I find my favorite pieces! (Bonus: I am a poor millenial schoolteacher, so all these piece recommendations are affordable! Ha!)

1. Stripes for the Win!

Untitled design

A good black and white striped piece can match with seriously almost ANYTHING you have. I’m not kidding when I tell you that stripes are the new black. Where you would have put a plain black pair of leggings or a simple black top, try switching it up and add some stripes!

You can mix stripes with floral, with polka dots, with geometric shapes, with anything.

Try this simple style out: Floral Leggings & Striped Top

A simple, flowy black & white jersey top from H&M for $12.99 WITH some navy and pink floral leggings from Zulily for $14.99!

43daa9ff23b1007c6c9025894551d381_best.jpg  366ee5f6921ae47f0359530f9e036a5d_best

Add this outfit to your closet for less than $30 and you’ll have two staples that you can mix and match with tons of other pieces!

If you’re looking to go a little bolder and switch up the stripes, try this Daisy Street romper from ASOS for $20 paired with this Charming Charlie polka dot infinity scarf for $15.

472fcffc16a42c578ef55913eaab1b70_best  d7ddcc8a287e5a1ab3a774668db5667a_best (1)


2. Polka Dot Passion

Untitled design (1)

Another closet necessity: some polka dots! Polka dots are a nice addition to any outfit because they are generally a smaller and more discrete pattern and can be paired with bolder colors or designs.

Pair small dots with stripes, florals, plaid (like the picture above), or bold and colorful boho patterns!

Try tucking a floral top into a simple polka dot skirt:

e239cd15fb40df414f96715fe610d65b_best 8cde7ec29084921fbf58b1a983235279_best

Get the skirt for $14.98 at New York & Co. and the top from Unique Vintage for $25.

Or start out with this simple style inspiration with a striped tee for $7.60 from JC Penney & a polka dot cardigan from Liz Claiborne for $15.95!



 3. Floral Frenzy

Untitled design (2)

As you can see already, I’m a huge fan of floral print. I’ve used it in both examples to pair with stripes and polka dots. Floral is my favorite because of how diverse and unique it can be – there are literally millions of different floral patterns — so many cute options for your closet.

**BESTIE SHOUTOUT: If you haven’t tried Lularoe yet, you are seriously behind the times. The reason I mention it here is because my bestie, Abbey Moulaison, does amazing work for Lularoe and she has been my personal inspiration for pattern mixing and sells some of the most stunning AND comfortable floral pieces**


If you want to try something new or you’re just looking for one or two floral pieces to add to your closet, her inventory should be the first place to look! Check her out on Facebook at Abbey Moulaison’s Lularoe Shopping Boutique.

Here’s a couple of the floral pieces she has right now:

Untitled design.png

Or if you’re looking for other options than Lula, try this pairing!

13dff03db8738ff2748e0a8e6153edb4_best.jpg 8acd7f884a088d4994f67403b88304c8_best

Get the New Look floral summer dress from ASOS for $16.50 and the striped cardigan from Zulily for $17.99!

4. Accessorize with Patterns

Untitled design (1)

If you’re not quite ready for the bolder pattern mixing or if it’s just not for you, try subtle hints of pattern with accessories like shoes, scarves, & jewelry!

Try out a few of these patterned accessories and mix them with some skinny jeans and a simple pattern top!

A plaid scarf from BP, sold at Nordstrom for $11.98


Some leopard flats from Dorothy Perkins for $22


Or add a floral pop to your striped shirt with this simple necklace from JC Penney for $8.80


Whether you’re ready to go bold or start out small, you should definitely dive in to the many possibilities of pattern mixing! Turn some heads & try something you didn’t see yourself in before!

As always, thank you for reading and try to spread some happiness today!



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