13 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

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Every year, I find myself stumped on what to get a few of the people on my Christmas list. Or sometimes a good friends birthday will sneak up on me again and I’m completely unprepared… But I’ve figure out that there are a few gifts that you can never go wrong with — someone’s favorite drink to enjoy or the opportunity to do something they love!

With that in mind, sometimes a six pack or a bottle of wine just doesn’t seem enough for the people who mean the most to you, so here are some ideas of some fun and quirky gifts you can pair with that six pack of their favorite foamy brew!

If you have a friend that loves beer AND wine, check out our other gift list for wine lovers!

1. This coffee table book to help them explore some new food pairings!


Get it for $22 from Gilt and inspire some new culinary adventures!

2. A personal six pack cooler to rep their favorite NFL team!


They can take a six pack to a party in style while keeping it cool! Get it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $32.99.

3. If a six pack cooler isn’t enough, get them this inflatable one!


“Perfect for your Fantasy Football Draft or game day tailgates at the stadium, this Matthew Berry Inflatable Beer Cooler holds ice and up to 10 beer bottles. Designed with stadium styling and includes the “Matthew Berry Fantasy Life” logo on the side.”

Get it with the smaller one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for only $14.99!

4. This Lucky Brand “Beer Season” tee


Perfect with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt on top! $19 from Lucky Brand

5. These fun, novelty beer socks to wear to the game or poker night


The perfect pair at DSW for $9.95

6. Or a Christmas pair that make the perfect stocking stuffer!


Get these ones from DSW as well, on sale now for $5.95!

7. This classy beer can glass that perfectly labels a few people we know…


Holds 16 oz. of any beer snobs favorite beer! Get it from Shopbop for $14!

8. This beer chart poster for the kitchen or the man cave


89 Bottles of Beer on the Wall: This infographic poster serves up a heady brew of history, graphic design, and spirited fun. It sparkles with text bubbles that break down the the beloved brew into 89 different varieties, represented by more than 200 different brands. The intoxicating design is full of vintage-inspired design details, and even illustrates the variety of glasses in which the beers are typically served, from pints, to steins, to chalices, to good ol’ pop-top cans.”

Get it from UncommonGoods $35

9.  A Beer IQ Party Game for them to show off their knowledge


Another gem from UncommonGoods – on sale for $20

10. This clever shirt that promotes environmentally friendly habits!


Get it from Zulily for $14.99

11. This bottle opener to hang on the wall


From Kohl’s for $15.99

12. Or this simple, classy option


From Nordstrom for $28

13. Finally, this light up glass to fill with holiday cheer!


This gem is on sale at Kohl’s for $15.99!

If you’re looking for something to do together, try a tour of a local brewery or tickets to a beer festival! Any of these paired with a nice cold six pack would surely make anyone’s day!


Thank you for reading, and as always, try to spread some happiness today!

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