18 Gifts For The Harry Potter Obsessed!


I’ve personally read all the Harry Potter books about three times, and I’m currently listening to the audiobooks while I work out each day. (It’s been a great motivator; it’s hard to get off the treadmill when there’s an intense round of Wizard’s Chess happening) I’ve been a fan from day one and I know there are other Potterheads like me who will love these fun and unique gifts!

Whether you or your loved ones are Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, or Ravenclaws, you are sure to find something here that is perfect!

All products are ready to order! Click on any words with * to be taken to the order page!

1. A sturdy water bottle from Tervis* to proudly display your house colors


Also available for Slytherin*Ravenclaw*, & Hufflepuff*

2. A golden snitch alarm clock to wake up to each morning, from PB Teen*


3. The cutest ornament* for any tree! Bargain at $5.99!


4. A real Wizard’s Chess set from Harrod’s* that would make Ron Weasley swoon


5. This simple and subtle Potter ring from Alex & Ani*


6. Or this bracelet from Kohl’s* with my favorite quote from the series!


7. Special edition Trivial Pursuit* to prove you really are a super-fan!


8. This adorable pom beanie* to keep your Potter head warm! Bargain: $12.99!


9. Or some cute socks for your Potter feet! Snag them from Target* for only $8!


10. A cozy throw blanket with Marauder’s Map* to snuggle up with!


11. A set of glass tumblers from Target* to drink butter beer from


12. A Hogwarts* water bottle to keep you hydrated while you practice spells


13. A book scratch-off poster from UncommonGoods* that you’ll already have a head-start on!


And as a bonus, you might find a new book to add to your list! If you can ever put HP down…

14. A Hogwarts Popsocket* to make anyone’s life easier


15. A coffee table book* any fan can relate to


16. A cookbook* to put your potions skills to the test!


17. Or a simple joke book* that’ll have you rolling! A perfect stocking stuffer


18. An 875-piece 3D Puzzle* that’ll leave you with some sweet home decor when you’re done!



I’ve already added half of these to my Christmas list and ordered three of them! My Harry Potter ring is a closet staple and my Marauders Map throw blanket is the perfect nap companion!

I hope you can find something you love or something you know will make someone else’s day!

As always, thank you for reading, and try to spread some happiness today!


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